Hello, I’ve Liked You a Little Bit

I wish a simple “Hello” was really that simple.

“Hello, let’s be friends.”

‘Hello”, can be the start and the end of many things.

The start of a friendship, an end to loneliness.

The word can be the catalyst that changes your life.

It will eventually turn into love.  Love for a friend, a lover, a whatever.

It’s the little things that make a relationship grow.

People don’t always show they’re feeling towards another with big gestures, if at all.

Love is subtle, and it’ll sneak up on you.

It’s the little things that people do that confirm they care.  Wanting to know that you made it home okay, leaving you the last slice of pie, offering a hug when you’re feeling down.

It’s the small gestures that add up to one big red flashing light that screams, “This person cares about you, you idiot.”

I’ve loved often and hard.  I fall in love with places, and conversations, the way a person’s face lights up when they’re excited, and always dogs.

Most of all, I fall in love with the way I feel when I’m around certain people.

People that remind me of the simple joys in life.  An early morning drive through the country, clean sheets, game nights, pool parties, and lazy Saturday afternoons in the summer.

I love when words blossom into a friendship and then love.

I love a good love story.

There are aspects of every story that goes unnoticed.  Not on purpose, but because some things are too delicate to share.

I think that’s one of the reasons “Hello” isn’t as simple as it should be.

Because for every “Hello” there’s always that fear of the inevitable “Goodbye.”

People are scared to reach out, to open up.  Scared to tell people who they’ve known for years what they really think.

Telling people that they’re important to you can change the world.

Telling people you love them can save a life.

I don’t know if the word love means that much to people anymore.

I’m not sure half the couples I see are actually in love the way they claim to be.

At least from where I’m standing.

It’s looking more and more like a narcissists playground.

Who can love better, who can love louder?

If what they have is love, then I don’t want it.

Has love changed, or are we just numb?

Are we more interested in what the initial “Hello” can do for us now, rather than long-term?

What if we’ve held on to the wrong people for far too long without realizing it and let go of everyone who was right for us?

On some level, everyone must be aware of their choices.  Why else would so many people drink to forget?

Unfortunately, there’s no relief for a broken heart when liquors involved.  You’ll be hazy for the night, but once the hangover fades nothing will have changed.

Why do so many people feel so unlovable?

I think you’d be surprised, the people who care about you.

Many won’t tell you.  Out of fear, not knowing the right words, maybe they’ve never learned how to love.

Maybe they just don’t love you the way you want them to, so it goes unnoticed.

Have you ever witnessed two people interact and you just know?

The way they smile when they see each other, the ease at which their names rolls of the tip of each others tongue.

And they look at each other with stars in their eyes, but they both think that the latter is looking at the ground.

They stay quiet, in fear of ruining a perfectly curated stillness.

The voice inside your head will nag at you.

“Goodbye” is right around the corner, and you continue to hold on to past hurts.

I think that many of us focus on the past when we’re sad and it turns into a depressing cycle of missing people who are no longer present.

One of my biggest obstacle has, and continues to be, reminding myself that there are people in my “now” that want to be here.

People who haven’t yet said “Goodbye” because sometimes you are worth loving.

Learn to say “Hello” again.

Learn to mean it.

Look up every once in a while.

You might be surprised who’s looking back.

“Hello, let’s begin again.”


Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

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