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A Los Angeles Story – 4 Week Update

I’ve been in Los Angeles now for 4-weeks (yesterday).  I live in Beverly Hills and when I tell my friends that they roll their eyes and show no surprise.  So either I’m super predictable or a huge snob.  Maybe I don’t know myself as well as I had thought. I got really lucky moving here because of family and friends that I already had in the area.  I’m grateful that I have an already established support system.

The only downside is that I REALLY want to stay in West LA now, even though The Valley is far cheaper.  I hate driving over there.  Especially now that I’m establishing connections on this side of the city.

So, now that I’ve justified to myself and the world why I need to continue spending more money than necessary, let’s get on with it.      

I feel lighter being here.  Though, to be honest, not being surrounded by people 24/7 has made me a little stressed and sad.  I’m also a huge attention whore apparently.  Maybe LA is the right place for me after all.

This city is weird.  Most people are too cool for you, but they yearn for your approval.  They want you to love them, while also keeping you at arm’s length.  They want the status that they already claim to have.  I don’t get it, and I hope I never do.  People also don’t walk here, which I understand, but also, I don’t understand.  Long live the walkers.

I’m slowly making friends.  I’m going to workout classes and attending events.  (I’m going to have abs by June.  It’s a science).   Two weeks in I tried online dating and got bored almost immediately.  Now I’m only looking for friends.  I want all the friends (Because I’m an attention whore).

I don’t have a car yet, which I hate, but Uber and Lyft have been good to me so far.  I got an awesome haircut and now I have hair goals.  No one told me I had hair goals, I just know that I fall into that category now.  In my defense, I have had multiple compliments so I do have proof to back up my claim.

Last night after a strenuous workout that I should not have gone to because I skipped dinner (oops) the instructor had some words that really stuck with me.  He talked about how moving to LA is a dream for many, and how very few people actually make it happen.  That we tend to overlook how good we have it, even with all the stressors that this city brings.  And he’s right.  I moved to LA because I wanted to.  I took a big leap, and that was super brave of me.  I feel like the biggest asshole writing that because I sound super into myself, and maybe in a way, I am.  Maybe I strive to be the female version of Schmidt from New Girl.  Who’s to say.  Don’t judge.      

I love that I live in an area where I can walk at night without a real fear of dying.  The sidewalks are lit, and most nights, so am I.  I love that I can finally say that I live in Los Angeles.  This city has so much to offer, and I can’t wait to update you as the months go by.

I honestly have no idea what else to tell you.



Photo by Jacob Repko on Unsplash



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