Thoughts on Manifestation – It’s the Journey

Last Saturday night my friends Connie, Irene, and I hosted our first women empowerment event.  We made vision boards that mirrored what we want the next year and beyond to look like.  The word “Manifestation” came up a lot, and it continues to come up in most conversations lately.

What are your thoughts on manifestation? 

Growing up my mother had told me to write down what I wanted to happen and the universe would provide. I’d go through phases of listening and ignoring this theory.  At one point she even gave me a book called “The Secret” which I still own but have yet to read.  This book speaks on the laws of attraction, and how our thoughts dictate our outcomes in life.

I believe that the one time I truly took her words to heart was in middle school when it felt like my relationships with everyone around me was falling apart.  I took out a journal, wrote down how I wanted others around me to change, how I wanted others to love me, and then threw it in a drawer.

This isn’t how vision boards work, and it’s definitely not what my mom meant.  Vision boards are meant to be seen every day.  If you want to make a change in your life it needs to come from within, and it should be in a place where you’re constantly reminded of what you want to manifest in yourself.

Back then I was trying to get others to change when all along it was me who needed to turn her mindset around.

What did I want for myself? 

What did I truly want my life to become?

As I near my 26th birthday I’m positive that this theory works.  Just not in the ways I thought it would.  The one thing about writing and creating a vision board is that things won’t happen right away.  Instead, they’ll happen in the way that they’re supposed to happen.

The two consistent things I ever wanted for Christmas as a child was world peace and a puppy.  When I was 10 I got the puppy.  I adopted Pepper randomly while on a trip with family in Pennsylvania.  The moment I met him he crawled into my lap and refused to leave.  He became my only constant for the next 15 years.

June 5th, 2017 he passed away.  His death hit me hard, and it’s still difficult to even write about it.  The day he died I found and purchased a long sleeve shirt at Marshalls with an anchor on it.   “Hannah Rose” was the name of the brand.  When I was a senior in high school my family dog, Hannah passed away.  Roses are the flowers many people claim that you can smell when a deceased loved one is nearby, and Pepper was my anchor.

His death and finding the shirt was the catalyst that set moving to Los Angeles in motion.  I was supposed to move out here right after college but I couldn’t leave him.  He was sick at that point and I’m not one to abandon someone I love.  But at this point, I knew that he was with Hannah now and that I would be okay.

I had planned thereafter to move in November but some medical issues arose and I had to push the move out date to January.

Because of this change in date, I was able to visit a friend in Hawaii.  While there, I felt a sense of calm that I hadn’t felt before.  I know now that I needed to have this feeling prior to moving out here so that I would always know what to look for.

Upon moving I had told myself that I would eventually find an apartment with a yard, and a group of friends who would encourage the best parts of me.

In the five months since I moved here, I’ve found both.

But I don’t think I would have found the people I did if I had moved in November.  Because we weren’t ready to meet and It wouldn’t have worked.

My original thought process wasn’t perfect, but my deepest desires somehow manifested into what my life is today.  The things I wanted didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked them too.  Instead, they happened when I was ready to receive them.

The universe gives you exactly what you’re putting out into the world.  Sometimes we miss opportunities because we’re not ready, or the timings off.  Often times it will take years before your goals manifest, but they will eventually happen.

You just need to be positive about them and use encouraging thoughts and terms when speaking about your desires in life.  Most importantly, you need to be loving towards who you’re becoming.  You’re a work in progress, be kind to yourself.

Sometimes we need the experience to occur in order to prepare ourselves for the future.  Wheather it’s a death, a move, and broken heart, falling in love, or an injury.  Everything that happens is happening to prepare you for what’s to come.

I believe this now.



Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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